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Tea Sandwiches, Its All About Synergy

Tea Sandwiches

Tea sandwiches are not about the tea in the sandwich but the tea that goes with the sandwich. The tea sandwich developed in the UK as an accompaniment to afternoon tea. A tea sandwich is a little nosh with tea to hold ones’ appetite until dinner. The sky is the limit on what you can put in your tea sandwich. Some like it sweet while others might prefer it more savory. Some will combine sweet and savory!

Here are some tips for preparing and developing tea sandwiches:

  • Traditionally tea sandwiches are light and crispy

  • Cut them small and thin into rectangles or triangles.

  • They are meant to be eaten in one or two bites.

  • No crusts!

  • Toasting lightly helps with cutting and with application of fillers.

  • Butter the inside of the bread to help seal the fillers and leave the bread not soggy.

  • Think light and refreshing. Tea sandwiches are not to fill you up.

Tea sandwich culture is abound with ideas and recipes. Here are two to start you off. Our first one is probably the most quintessential classic tea sandwich. The cucumber tea sandwich. This calls for thinly sliced cucumbers placed on lightly buttered bread. This is the traditional British tea sandwich. If you are looking for something a little more untraditional, then try the Elvis tea sandwich. Elvis was known to be very fond of this snack. The toasted bread is slathered with peanut butter and topped off with slices of bananas. Elvis would also sneak in some fried bacon into his tea sandwiches.

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